"Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings."

President John F. Kennedy

Acela Biotek

Microbial Technology Company

Acela Biotek is a microbial technology company with a worldwide exclusive license from Michigan State University for their signature product LALITHA 21, a microbial formulation protected by two US patents and with over 10 years of proven trial results. Over 100 trial results demonstrate LALITHA 21's ability to create an optimized soil environment to promote root development, and a variety of value-add funtions to both the soil and the plant.

Flip the West

California based SuperPAC

Flip the 14 is focused on strengthening the grassroots efforts in California that challenge Donald Trump and the 14 members of congress in California that vote 100% aligned with the Trump agenda. They've voted in lock step to hurt women's health, erode workers rights, and roll back basic environmental protections. Flip the 14 is working to build the capacity of the Resistance to take advantage of every opportunity to flip the 14 and take back Congress.

Gateway Equity Partners

Full Service Real Estate Brokerage

Gateway Equity Partners is a full-service residential and commercial real estate brokerage, providing professional services buying, selling and appraising property. Gateway is leveraging over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate transactions including industrial, office, retail and land. Gateway also provides support in real estate investment, finance and development. Gateway incorporates best practices from multiple industry sectors to serve clients not just as customers but as partners. 


Project Management

Workforce Incubator Program

Launchpad Project Management is a 12 week internship program that provides university students with workforce experience in a variety of portfolios. Launchpad aims to build a workforce pipeline of entrepreneurs for the impact industries, by providing professional development training in project management, communications, financial literacy, political advocacy, and by educating the public about innovation and sustainability.

Spafford & Lincoln, Inc.

Management Consulting

Spafford & Lincoln is a management consulting firm that specializes in developing and implementing business and political campaign plans via project, program and portfolio management. Spafford & Lincoln has developed programs across multiple industry sectors and has a winning track-record implementing cutting edge programs in public relations, communications, direct marketing, and operational management.  

Innovation & Sustainability PAC

Not-For-Profit General Purpose PAC

The Innovation & Sustainability PAC is a not-for-profit general purpose PAC in the state of California with the following 4 goals: 1) educating the public on the importance of economic, environmental and educational sustainability, 2) advocating for policies that advance innovation initiatives, 3) support innovative start-up companies, and 4) provide professional development training to build a workforce pipeline for the impact industries.

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