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Business Strategies

  • Business & Strategic Planning

  • Project Management

  • Financial Diagnostic & Planning

  • Financial Growth 

  • Organizational Growth

  • Organizational Sustainability

  • Public Relations

Campaign Strategies

  • Pathway-to-Victory Planning

  • Micro Targeting & Analysis

  • Community Organizing

  • Messaging & Communications

  • Campaign Management

  • Grassroots Fundraising

  • Lobby & Advocacy Programs

Strategic Planning

Working Groups

Invite Andrew to host a strategic planning working group for your team (either business or political campaign). Andrew will identify growth strategies to strengthen your team's ability to execute pathway-to-victory plan, and present strategic projects and programs to achieve metric driven results.

Pathway to Victory Strategic Planning

Growth & ScaleUp Programs/Projects

Strategic Market Targeting

Communications Internal/External

Team/Group Workshops

Organizational Growth

StartUp Fundraising

Project Management

Business Development

Lobby Corps UC Davis

Associated Students of University California, Davis

Presentations & Keynotes

Environmental Entrepreneurship

Public Service, Public Policy & Advocacy

Community Organizing, & Movement Building

UC Davis

Graduate Student Association


Emerging Leaders in Policy/Public Service

University California, Davis

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