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Achieving Results with Andrew Truman Kim


“Andrew adapted his approach to make the workshop applicable to our advocates' experience and work. Andrew demonstrates the encouragement and empowerment he wants us to build in others and conveys a compelling vision for them to follow. Our advocates consistently use the ideas presented to enhance their work. “Who are your ‘snowflakes’?” is not an uncommon conversation to have with each other in our community organizing.”

Toby Briggs

Engagement Coordinator

Friends of the River
Protecting CA Rivers Since 1973

Andrew Truman Kim’s workshops and working groups are action packed with practical information. It’s pretty remarkable the amount of quality insights Andrew is able to cover in such a short period of time. I am confident with the information and support provided by Andrew that I am on my way of achieving some of these results. 

Jordan Coleman

Small Business Owner

Sacramento - California

Supporting Arizona Labor.HEIC

Arizona Labor Council

Helping Elect Regina Romero - 1st Latina Mayor of Tuscon

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 6.06.49 PM.png

Xavier Bacerra

U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services

Presenting at the CDP Chicano Latino Caucus 

“Thank you Andrew for your enthusiasm! It’s always difficult to stay completely engaged with Zoom conferences, but your workshop kept my full attention. Incredibly relevant, targeted, and thoughtful presentation in addition to your contagious energy makes you a great presenter of complicated and somewhat mundane topics. I strongly recommend Andrew!”

Dr. Nichole R. Moos

SVOS Board of Director

Capitol Optometry

“Thank you Andrew for bringing significant clarity in a subject area foreign to many health care professionals. Since 2002, we’ve been managing a dental practice in Downtown Sacramento. We have never thought of having to renegotiate until your seminar today, in which you shed some important light on very feasible strategies and practical next steps in achieving meaningful results.”

Dr. Mike & Jennifer Finerty

Downtown Plaza Dental Office

Rubicon Partners

“Andrew Kim is a rockstar!

Andrew definitely surpassed our expectations. It was incredibly refreshing to get help that actually is actionable.  With the many hardships that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been looking for assistance that was more than platitudes, and we’re very pleased to have joined Andrew. We look forward to Andrew’s future engagements and will definitely be recommending him to friends and colleagues.”

Jamie & Jae Lee

The Big Salad Shop

Downtown Sacramento

“I recommend Andrew Truman Kim for your business issues. He supplied us with very useful business & financial planning documents that were very high quality. I was very impressed with his experience and willingness to support small-businesses."

John Truong Pham

Eco-Friendly Nail Salon

Sacramento - California

“It’s obvious that Andrew knows what he is talking about. Within less than an hour, I was able to take away a significant amount of knowledge that so called professionals may take weeks to explain. I look forward to implementing some of Andrew’s strategies and best practices.”

James M. Takeuchi

Reflexion Skincare

Moraga - California

Author Amy Tan.jpg

Amy Tan

Award Winning Author
The Joy Luck Club

Presenting at the Commit to Flip Blue Virtual Conference


Supporting California

Small Business Owners

“Thank you Andrew for all your great advice. You’ve provided info and assistance I’ve been waiting for a long time to receive. I am excited to work on all of the business and negotiation concepts that we discussed. I would not hesitate to recommend one of your webinars to my fellow entrepreneur friends. Thank you Andrew Truman Kim.”

Angie Tran

Small Business Owner

Sacramento - California

“Andrew opened my eyes to opportunities that I didn’t realize were even possible. Since the pandemic, so many entrepreneurs and business owners have been struggling and so grateful that Andrew was able to share his insights as a practitioner and strategist. Thank you Andrew for your time and support for small businesses. I look forward to your future webinars and workshops!”

Edwin Hernandez

Small Business Owner

Sacramento - California

“Keeping a business running is a great challenge, especially with so many uncertainties on regulations and the changing market landscape during the pandemic. I am glad Andrew provided us with significant insights, knowledge and practical examples of re-evaluating our market landscape and approaching our key liabilities. Thank you Andrew as your guidance helped us feel more certainty for our businesses during these challenging times. ”

Rosie Ho

Small Business Owner

Sacramento - California

“Thank you Andrew Truman Kim for your fantastic service! As a healthcare professional, community organizer and small business owner, I’ve learned the importance of working with other professionals that not only bring value but also share my values. I feel so fortunate to be connected with Andrew Truman Kim. Your recommendations and suggestions provided were invaluable and exactly what I needed to make some important decisions for my businesses. I couldn't be happier engaging with you and recommending you to others.”

Martha Geraty

Small Business Owner

Sacramento - California

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