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& Investor

Campaign Manager & Strategist

Commercial Broker & Landlord


Andrew Truman Kim is a political entrepreneur, award-winning consultant and commercial broker, having generated and managed over $25 million in private equity and real estate investment deals. For over 17 years, Andrew has been a political consultant and campaign manager developing programs that have reached over 10 million voters in America. Andrew has served as a senior U.S. congressional staffer and senior campaign manager specializing in battleground campaigns and economic development programs. Andrew is currently a County Commissioner for Climate Action and City Commissioner for West Sacramento's Economic Development & Housing Commission.
As a landlord and investor, Andrew owns, manages and operates multiple commercial and residential properties: serving startup founders, entrepreneurs, and the growing professional workforce in Greater Sacramento. 

As an environmental entrepreneur, Andrew is an angel investor and equity partner in various ventures focused on sustainable agriculture, sustainable real estate development, and clean technology acceleration. Having worked on multi-million dollar raises, Andrew is an experienced fundraiser. Andrew is also chairing various superPACs and boards working to advance triple-bottom line impact. Andrew is eager to bring best practices from multiple industries to help produce superior results and innovative solutions.

Track Record

  • $25+ Million in Investment Deal Value

  • Personally Raised Millions in Equity

  • Housing Approved for 2,000 Residents

  • 10+ Million Voters Reached

  • 5,000+ Interns for Campaigns & Non-Profits

  • Having Served 200+ Small Business Owners

  • Having Served 4,000+ Job Seekers

  • Multiple Commercial / Residential Assets

  • Landlord for 20+ Commercial Tenants

President Bill Clinton

Chair of 2014 Organizing Committee for

With less than 72-hours of notice, Andrew coordinated the engagement plans of dozens of stakeholder groups and partner organizations - working to organize over 14,000 people for President Bill Clinton.


United States Congressional Record

Proceedings & Debates of the 111th Congress

Presented by Representative John Garamendi

- June 14, 2010-

“Andrew is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking and dedicated people I have ever known.

I first met Andrew when I was California's Lieutenant Governor, and he always impressed me with his commitment and eagerness to expand horizons. ” 


Congressman John Garamendi





Political Campaigns

Business Development

Real Estate Development

Economic Development

Project Management

Public Relations 

Lobby & Advocacy

Business & Strategic Planning


Mayor Len Augustine

& Mayor Harry Price

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